Purpose-Driven Content Aggregation

“I was impressed by Northern Light’s knowledge of information. It’s really deep and practical — not just about technology, but about how information is used. Most search companies know search. And most content companies know content. Very few people understand the way that information is used. Northern Light is right there at the intersection of information content and search technology. No one but Northern Light thinks about the use of content.”

–  Director of knowledge management


Unlimited Content Options

As a content aggregator experienced in market intelligence applications, Northern Light offers an unlimited set of content options for aggregated content collections. SinglePoint clients can pick from these content options to populate a market research or competitive intelligence portal with content of extraordinary breadth and research-power.

Licensed Secondary Market Research

Northern Light aggregates and indexes the entire collections of over 160 IT analyst, market research, corporate research, think tanks, and technology research firms including Corporate Executive Board, Forrester, IDC, Reed Elsevier, Thomson, and many others.  And based on client requests, Northern Light is adding new sources all the time.

Primary Internal Market Research

A typical SinglePoint portal includes primary internal market research produced by our clients. Northern Light can securely host the documents in an encrypted format or the client can host the documents on internal Web servers and Northern Light will destroy its copies after indexing is complete each day.

Northern Light’s market intelligence content automation system can extract and index text and metadata from any file format including MS Office documents, PDFs, XML, HTML, etc. Northern Light can extract and index metadata for non-text based file formats used for graphics, logos, videos, and other media. OCR for image files of text-based documents is available.

Additionally, Northern Light can connect to Microsoft SharePoint installations, document repositories, and content management systems to upload market intelligence. Alternatively, research content can be uploaded directly by users to the portal through the onboard document submission system. The vendor upload role supports uploading of content into the portal by third-party research contract firms and ad agencies.  Any combination of these methods can be selected by the client. Often, Northern Light will do a bulk upload of existing legacy content repositories during the portal implementation so the new SinglePoint portal is richly populated with internally produced strategic research on its first day of operation.

Northern Light Business News

Northern Light mines the Web to create a comprehensive search of online business news, premium newswires, and industry authority blogs for up-to-the-minute competitive intelligence and market intelligence — news that could impact marketing strategies and business decisions.  Northern Light Business News contains 40,000 stories per business day from 6,500 online news sources including Reuters, Knight Ridder, PR Newswire, Business Wire, M2, Xinhua, Kyoto, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Fortune, The Economist, Gulf News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and more.

Particular interest is paid to industry trade sites such as CNET (IT/Telecom) or FiercePharma (Life Sciences).  Over 2,000 industry news sites are included in the feed.  Taken together, Northern Light Business News covers every important business news story around the globe.

Another powerful feature of Northern Light Business News is the search of 2,000 daily blog posts from 3,000 industry authority blogs.  To be deemed an industry authority, a blogger must be an industry research analyst, a journalist for a recognized trade publication, or an industry executive, a sponsor company blog, or an industry pundit or guru.  Industry Authority Bloggers are the influencers and trend setters setting the tone of voice in the public discourse about companies and their products. What they say can have a direct bearing on competitive intelligence and marketing strategy analysis.

Social Media

Northern Light harvests posts and associated comments from the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and YouTube.  Industry vertical social media platforms can be included as well.

IT White Papers

Northern Light harvests over 44,000 white papers from 800 leading information technology companies including HP, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, Red Hat, Dell, Symantec, EMC, Accenture, PWC, KPMG, Fiserv, Novell, Google, Adobe, CA, Intel, AMD, Nokia, RIM, Motorola and hundreds more.  These white papers describe the platforms, product road maps, and technical strategies of these industry-driving companies.

Life Sciences Conference Abstracts

Northern Light has aggregated and indexed over two million abstracts and posters from over 2,500 life sciences conferences held around the world.  Conference proceedings are the first place new life sciences research is presented, often months before the research is published in journals.  Conference presentations are a rich source of competitive intelligence.

Government Databases

Northern Light frequently is asked by our clients to harvest government databases such as Medline, clinical trials, patents, FDA regulations, and Federal Reserve Board publications. Tell us what you need from the Federal Government and we will deliver it to you in near real-time.